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..... oder ein Hobbit im Absinthrausch
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13th-May-2006 04:26 pm - paul hunter
13th-May-2006 03:56 pm - 10 interessts

LJ Interests meme results

  1. cold case:
    very stylish, very quiet, very jerry bruckheimer ... and i want lily and scotty come together
  2. csi miami:
    just three words: Hurray for Horatio
  3. essen:
    eating ... yes! I'm loving it!
  4. fish n chips:
    i was in Brighton, England for 5 month and since then i'm addicted
  5. jake gyllenhaal:
    just watched Jarhead .... that ass, those eyes ... although my favourite movie is still donnie darko
  6. lesen:
    reading ... yes i'm indeed my moms girl ... no books, no fun!
  7. meinen hund hermine:
    my 'little' dog Hermine ... the german version of Hermione, named after the Harry Potter character ... although she not half that smart ...
  8. neuseeland:
    new zealand ... my uncle lived there for a year ... and after he showed us the pictures it is of my aims to get there at least ones in my life!
  9. ronnie o'sullivan:
    *sighs* ... after reading his book i'm loving him even more ... damn it i got too much sympathy for bad guys ....
  10. snooker:
    i am a fan for 2 years now ... since the irish open final between ronnie o'sullivan and paul hunter ... it's just a fantastic game

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12th-May-2006 03:07 pm(no subject)
List ten fictional figures you would have sex with (in no particular order) and tag 5 people to do the same

So here is my list!

1. Cady ~ Rain
2. Michael Scofield ~ Prison Break
3. Legolas ~ Lord of the Rings
4. Jethro Gibbs ~ NCIS
5. Dwight McCarthy ~ Sin City
6. Rupert Giles ~ Buffy
7. Severus Snape ~ Harry Potter
8. Ares ~ Hercules and Xena
9. Julian Bashir ~ Deep Space Nine
10. John Sheridan ~ Babylon 5
12th-May-2006 03:05 pm(no subject)
Your Style is 1970s

Bell bottoms, platform shoes, wide belts, and tons of polyester.
You've got a bit of that hippie vibe going on, but you're hip enough to pull it off!
6th-Apr-2006 02:05 pm - wenthi
yay! at last i made a wenthi wallpaper...

i love tests

You Are a Carnation

You are down to earth and grounded.
You tend to be more traditional than trendy.
Your confidence gets you through anything.
People trust you and are very loyal to you.

You Are Fall!


You are Milk Chocolate

A total dreamer, you spend most of your time with your head in the clouds.
You often think of the future, and you are always working toward your ideal life.
Also nostelgic, you rarely forget a meaningful moment... even those from long ago.

Your Element is Earth

Your power color: yellow

Your energy: balancing

Your season: changing of seasons

Dedicated and responsible, you are a rock to your friends.
You are skilled at working out even the most difficult problems.
Low key and calm, you are happiest when you are around loved ones.
Ambitious and goal oriented, you have long term plans to be successful.
5th-Apr-2006 02:44 pm - another funny test
Your Power Color is Green

You feel most at home in a world of ideas.
You're curious and logical - and enjoy a good intellectual challenge.
You're super cool, calm, and collected. Very little tries your patience.
Your only fear? People not realizing how smart and able you are!

i knew it!!
3rd-Apr-2006 06:20 pm - Funny tests ....

Which Fantasy/SciFi Character Are You?


Legolas Greenleaf

If I were a character in <A What else happend? my friend got a new toy, a mobile phone.. i got new ear phones ... thats life har har

28th-Mar-2006 10:26 pm - blabla
i'm just pretending ...
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